Carol Holaday-Bull's Eye Talisman back


Bull's Eye Talisman

pendant including bale 5"  long

cord including extender - 24"" adjustable

Chinese Writing stone, bamboo coral 

sterling silver and fine silver

 leather cord

Chinese writing stone (also known as porphory or Chinese letter stone) is a limestone matrix with andalusite crystals that appear as a delightful pattern resembling chinese characters.  

This particular stone was mined near Auburn, California and purchased from the miner who also cut  the stone.  I like the long tablet shape of this stone and the smooth rounded edges. The stone has a silky feel that invites the touch. 

Regarding the bamboo coral:  Its color ranges from white to red, but most red sea bamboo coral these days is dyed. It grows in branches that look like underwater trees. It is formed by plants rather than the more precious coral traditionally used in jewelry which is formed my micro-organisms.

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Note: Although I feel that all jewelry has the potential of sending a message or providing some perceived benefit,  some of the jewelry I make is created with a specific intention in mind. These usually have Talisman or Amulet in the title and have some element in the design that includes symbolic meaning.... such as this Bull's Eye Talisman .

If this topic interests you, much can be learned here. Warning... this is slow opening page even on my fast internet connection. Wait for it or do an online search of your own as there is an amazing amount to read on this topic. 

Carol Holaday - Bull's Eye Talisman necklace
Carol Holaday - Bull's Eye Talisman necklace