Carol Holaday - fused design earring - with 23k keys-boo

​E- 103


Carol Holaday-Bird in Bush print earrings - silver with patina


​E- 104


Carol Holaday - Kanji design earring - 23k keys-boo

Earrings on this page are available for purchase. Details regarding price, size and materials will be added later. Meanwhile, you can contact me for this information via the "Contact" page. Payment is made through PayPal invoice option  using the form on the "Purchase" page for full security transactions. Please read the "Policies" page before placing an order.

Carol Holaday- Basket Design earrings-23k keum-boo
Carol Holaday - Gold Ribbon earrings - 23k keys-boo
Carol Holaday- Sea Weed design-23k keum-boo

​E- 105



Carol Holaday - Basket Design print earring- silver with patina

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