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fossil coral ring

12-22-2012 - This page is totally "out of date" now. This is because I have been posting my new work on my Blog instead of here. If you are interested to see what I have created in 2012... or at least some of it... please go to the blog. The ring shown at left features a fossilized coral cabochon.

I have also activated my Etsy shop with a few items for sale. I have plans for adding much more but am finding it very slow going! It takes a lot of time to photograph and properly size all image. And it takes even more time to write the tempting descriptions.

A Gilded Heart

2-1-2012 - "A Gilded Heart" is one of the pieces submitted for the Monterey Bay Metal Arts Guild's Valentine themed show at MANY HANDS GALLERY in Capitola, California.

The lampwork heart pendant hangs from the necklace's toggle... a golden ring with a black bar. The 20" necklace features matching beads.

Gold Pebble Bracelet
12-1-2011 - "Gold Pebble Bracelet" features the very comfortable to wear pebble shaped beads. I continute to experiment with the way the 24K gold heavy leaf reacts with the silver rich glass creating an alloy of the two metals and a variety of gold colors.
Sanctuary Talisman II

4-19-2011 - "Sanctuary Talisman II" features a carved moonstone face, a glass cabochon that I made with the torch, and an aquamarine cabochon. Click here for a view of the back of the piece..... and here for a close-up of the glass cab.



Cowboy Beads

12-15-2010 Added two sets of "Cowboy Beads".

Finished teaching until the classes begin again on January 4th. I plan to spend a good part of my "vacation" making beads and finishing jewelry projects. My list of things "to do" is long... and the days are too short.



Patti Walters Wells


12-2-2010 Finally updated the Photography page with the images of artist's jewelry I did since the last update. I also have added links to the websites of artists who have them. Still more to do.

The necklace at left is by Patti Walters Wells, a very creative former student who does very unique and beautiful work... both jewelry and clothing.

Sanctuary Ring


This ring is another piece created for the "Sanctuary" exhibit. The title is "Sanctuary" and it features a really unique piece of abalone. The bezel and the ring band were roller printed with a texture that I etched using a photo I took of seaweed on the beach. It is a large ring that is very comfortable to wear.



Sanctuary Talisman

11-30-2010 It has been so long since I've updated this page... not even sure I can remember how. Plenty of new things happening, just don't seem to be motivated to write about. Time to get back in gear.

Pendant to the left is one of the three piece I created for the Monterey Bay Metal Arts Guild exhibit at the Pacific Grove Art Center. The theme/title of the show is "Sanctuary" and this piece is called "Sanctuary Talisman". It features a blue opal, a large mother-of-pearl button and beach glass as well as a fine silver chain that I made.


keum-boo pendant

4-29-10 Even more major life changes and NOW perhaps I am ready to settle down and update this page ... eventually the entire site... and perhaps get back on track.

First, I moved into a new home and am really enjoying it. Second, I have been kept busy with preparing and teaching new classes, making the samples and the printed materials is time consuming. Good thing I enjoy it. The keum-boo pendant at the left is my favorite "sample" for the week end workshop that I taught in March.

Last month I photographed three artists work for their jury submissions. I will get some of that onto the photo page soon. Today I am working on making jewelry for next week's sale at the college where I teach.


indigo drifter

11-7-09 Major life changes have kept me from updating this site, and this is the start of getting back to it. The bead at left is one of my favorites from my latest series featuring murrini I made myself. They are my attempt at a not too realistic jelly fish... those magical looking "drifters" in the ocean I live so near to.

The silver rich glass has a mother-of-pearl shimmer and a translucent quality to it.


Water Ballet Bead

Water Ballet Bead

8-14-09 Still spending most of my bead making time creating large holed beads for silver lining. Nearly all of these beads feature the silver rich glass from Double Helix. And now with yet another new color available from them, I have even more possibilities to play with.

I have also started working with murrini (tiny slices of patterned glass cane). The bead at left features murrini made by FenG Frit Factory... a design named "Belly Dancer". These are much more complex then the ones I am just learning to make. I have managed to make a few beads with my own murrini that I like, and will photograph those next. Meanwhile, here is my most recent "favorite" bead made with a purchased murrini. Two sides of same bead named "Water Ballet".... keeping with the dance theme. The blues, greens, and purples, are all from the same rod of glass and they shimmer like abalone underwater.


Ocean Spinner

Black Gold Spinner

7-5-09 These two rings were made as examples of the "spinner" style of ring (some call it a "rotating" style). I am teaching a ring making class this summer and am updating my samples for demonstration purposes. I used a tube rivet to hold the bead to the roll printed silver band. It is surprisingly comfortable to wear, considering the size.

The top ring, "Ocean Spinner" , features one of my favorite beads from the "Sea Stone" series. The bottom ring, "Black Gold Spinner", features a bead from my newest series of bead styles. Pure gold foil is fused to a bead made with silver rich black glass. The silver creates a satiny, pearl look rather than a shiny surface. The texture and the shape is reminiscent of a water worn pebble. It feels so good on the skin, I am planning a bracelet made from these.... similar but different to this one.



aqua pearl

6-17-09 Oh my! has it really been that long since my last "What's New" posting? Either my life (and business) is really dull and slow, or I am way too busy to keep up with things. Both are my excuse... if one is needed.

Big news for today at least... just had my first sale on ArtFire.com. The set of pink beads in the last update are headed to Arizona.

Still making the silver lined beads and still hooked on the Double Helix glass. I have learned how to get the pearly shimmer under the clear encasing nearly every time... almost too much sometimes. This bead (at left) is an example of that.



4-1-09 Making the large holed beads each time I have a chance to spend time on the torch. Adding the a silver lining to the best of them, photographing them when I can fit that task in with my other jobs. This pair are on the Silver Lined Beads page.

The shimmer, or pearly, look is nearly impossible to capture as it really only comes to life when the beads move in the light. These two beads were made to match a beautiful Thai silk scarf that my daughter's student gave her. I think the bead on the right captures the quality of the hand dyed threads.


2-22-09 Continuing to make beads with the special glass from Double Helix in the shape and techniques shown in bead at left. About 30 of them have been lined with silver and are waiting to be photographed and added to the "Silver Lined Beads" page.

I got a bit carried away with buying new glass colors this month, looking to expand my color palette with more "warm" colors, and have yet to test them all. Of the colors I have tested, about 10% will become new "favorites" and the rest will no doubt gather dust. One new glass color is especially satisfying and I plan to make a bunch of disc shaped beads with it the next time I torch.




indigo mist

2-1-09 What's new? A lot and nothing. Still very busy with photography for others, lots of family stuff (I am the "sandwich" generation... only this sandwich is a double decker!), the Holidaze of course .... and every moment I can steal from all of that is devoted to making beads. It has been so long since I updated this page that I have forgotten how! My most recent bead making passion has been with the Double Helix silver laden glass and using silver tubing to line the beads. Some bead makers create these for use with special sized bracelet chains. I just make them because I love them. The 1/4" or 3/16" hole can accomodate either the chains or small beads. Some of the beads I made seem to be calling for small pearls. The bead at left is part of the "Indigo Mist" series. These silver lined beads will have their own page, "Silver Lined Beads". More photos to come.


Barbara Banducci
12-3-08 Still more photography for others keeping me busy... although I have managed a few days for beadmaking and some time for shopping for new tools.... always a fun thing even though it can also be frustrating. I bought a mini cutting-off saw for cutting tubing for rivets that is a disappointment. I am still on a quest for the "best" tool for the job. Meanwhile, the ring at left is an inspiration to get back to the torch for more beadmaking. Barbara Banducci made the ring using a bead she purchased from me. So beautiful! If you would like to have Barbara make you a similar ring (all are unique), send me your contact info and I will pass it on to Barbara.
Cowboy Bead set 6

11-8-08 I moved the very popular "Cowboy Beads" to a page of their own. So much "romance" attached to the word "cowboy" I think perhaps this has helped this bead series to attract its fans. My grandson Serge named this series and he was definitely inspired by his favorite "stories".

I made beads for a couple of days last week and then back to the photography "job" and some wonderful work by Jeanie Pratt that I will add to the "Photography Page" eventually. Finished that job and now starting on photographing Sara Burns' newest jewelry. I'll pick three images from each of these artists to add to the photo page when I can find the time. Jeanie exhibits at Mobilia Gallery and Sara sells at varous venues and soon will have a web page of her own. I'll link to that when it is available.

The beads I made are really luscious. The silver laden glass from Double Helix is so full of surprises... always special. I love to work with glass that is not too predicable. Seems more magical somehow. I feel it combines the precious with the "wabi-sabi" and the beads will need a "category" and name of their own.


Sunflower bracelet

10-29-08 It is a great thrill to see a photo of one of my bracelets included in the November issue of Lapidary Journal's JEWELRY ARTIST. One of three images used with the press release for the MBMAG's EXPRESSIONS IN METAL exhibit mentioned below.

Thank you to the editor(s) and graphics person for a beautiful page.



For the Journey


tropical storm bracelet

10-25-08 Can't believe how long it has been since I have added new things to the site. Blame it on the fact that I have a new computer... switched from a PC to an iMac!... and new software including a new version of Dreamweaver that requires more learning than the old brain can keep up with. Looks like I will need to buy a new "how to" book for the new DreamWeaver program... just too many things are different with the ways things work.Today is the start of making the effort, and bit-by-bit, I'll fill in and update on all that has been keeping me busy these past four months.

One thing has been an exhibit for the Monterey Bay Metal Arts Guild. I was part of a team that produced the exhibit and I also created some new work to show. The opening reception last night was a great success. Read more about the MBMAG and the exhibit at www.mbmag.org . The small sculpture, "For the Journey" pictured at left is one of the new pieces I created for the exhibit.. the first sculpture I have made in several years. The "Tropical Storm" bracelet was also made for the show and features my newest "favorite" beads. I'll write more details on another page eventually.

I have also photographed some great jewelry and sculpture for friends and will update the "Photography" page once I get the hang of how things work now.

The beads I made before I got side tracked by all of these distractions are still waiting to be photographed and the last batch of the newest silver rich glass is also waiting (not so patiently) on my bench.

I presented two Photography Demos this month that required more prep time than expected. Good thing I always learn a lot when I prepare for teaching what it is I do. Some of that will be shared on this site as soon as I figure out the best way to do that. Looks like I am making many promises (to myself) for "tasks" to make up for neglecting this site for so long. I don't know how anyone can write a daily blog and still have the time to live a life worth writing about. Since I read a number of great blogs written my artists I admire, I know it is possible.


cowboy beads

6-1-08 Two new sets of the popular "Cowboy Beads". More in the works. Playing with the newest glass from Double Helix. Beautiful blues and greens with lots of variety make this a really special glass. As soon as I have enough to make a few sets I'll get some photographed.

black box set-up

5-3-08 I finally added photos to my Studio Tour page. Scroll down to the Photo Studio Tour section and click on the left photo to go the the page where the new "how-to" and examples of finished photos are. Or click here for a faster way.

I have spent the last several weeks preparing for a demo on lighting that I presented today. Lots of time spent creating a PowerPoint presentation (my first). Fun but time consuming. Now I can get back to making beads and jewelry....so check back later for new beads in my "store".

rose ring

4-10-08 Still very busy doing photography for other artists, and not yet caught up on up-loading all of the new photos. One example of a recent photo is this ring made by Su Tallarico, a former student of mine. Click here to go to Su's site and see more of her wonderful work.

Kim S. sent an image of a bracelet she made featuring beads recently purchaced from my site. Scroll down this page to find a link to her new web site.

Wild Beads
3-16-08 Finally photographed new sets for the store. A couple of the ever popular "Cowboy Beads", one new set of Silver Raku for the “Mineralogical” page, plus five sets for the newest category of bead designs... the "Wild Beads". Happy colors guaranteed to chase away the winter blahs! Mango, papaya, persimmon, sky... Hawaii here we come!

Gloria Shannon earrings

Vortex Ring

3-2-08 Oh dear! What became of February? Good thing this is not a blog or I might feel a total failure for not posting "What's New". Actually, I continue to be very busy meeting other artist's deadlines for photography. I'll eventually get more of those images onto my "Photography" page. Meanwhile, here is a new one for Gloria Shannon. Lovely copper earrings.

I did manage to complete a new ring and submit three pieces to the Monterey Bay Metal Arts Guild Monterey Bay Metal Arts Guild (MBMAG) show that is about to take place at the Collector's Gallery of the Oakland Museum. I also up-dated my Artist Statement and submitted it for the show.

copper brangle with primitive beads
1-14-08 Lots going on despite the lack of updates on this "What's New" page. More photography, a few custom designed brangles made and sold, lots of new beads, and a couple of new copper brangles. This one features beads from the "Primitives" series. Great with the copper in my opinion. The bright pink copper will eventually oxidize to a more "natural" color. This brangle is for sale and will soon be added to the "Brangles" page.... with a few others that are waiting to be photographed. Please check back.


An archive of "What's New" is here

Although no one has complained about slow loading pages, I plan to eventually remove the posts below in case this page is getting too long and too slow to load. 10-29-08

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